In 1988 a completely new "fourth generation" Gold Wing appeared, the very successful Honda GL1500 Gold Wing.


The first version, since the prototype of 1972, with a flat-six engine with a displacement of 1520 cc.


Initially this beautiful machine was only available in one version, however this version was provided with all thinkable options.


Unique was the electric reverse gear, however weighing over 360 kg this was not really a superfluous accessory.


The maximum power (approximately 73.5 kW or nearly 100 hp at 5200 rpm) and especially the maximum torque (150 Nm or 15.3 kg-m at 4000 rpm) increased dramatically and the capacity of the fuel tank increased up to over 23 liters.


Standard the GL1500 was provided with an air compressor, an audio system with radio and cassette player and an integrated intercom and a electronic cruise control.


The windshield was adjustable in height into three different positions.


In the last years of its existence the GL1500 was available in two versions : the GL1500 Aspencade and the GL1500 SE. From 1991 until 1996 also a cheaper and lighter version, the GL1500 Interstate, was available.


This version was not so popular than its heavier bigger brothers.


The Interstate model was for instance not provided with the electric reverse gear, the cruise control and the air compressor. Also the windshield was not adjustable in height.


The Honda GL1500 Aspencade and the Honda GL1500 SE stayed nearly unchanged during the years.


The GL1500 SE (Special Edition) was somewhat more luxurious than the Aspencade. Weighing 372 kg the SE was somewhat heavier then the Aspencade with a dry weight of 366 kg.