Starter motor does not rotate.

  • Engine kill switch off.

  • Fuse blown. Check fuse block

  • Battery voltage low. Check and recharge battery

  • Starter motor defective. Make sure the wiring to the starter is secure. Make sure the starter relay clicks when the start button is pressed, if the relay clicks, then the fault is in the wiring or motor.

  • Starter relay faulty. Check it according to the procedure in chapter nine.

  • Starter button not contacting. The contacts could be wet, corroded or dirty. Disassemble and clean the switch.

  • Wiring open or shorted. Check all wiring connections and harnesses to make sure that they are dry, tight and not corroded. Also check for broken or frayed wires that can cause a short to ground.

  • Ignition switch defective. Check the switch according to the procedure in chapter nine, replace the switch with a new one if defective.

  • Engine kill switch defective. Check for wet, dirty or corroded contacts, clean or replace the switch if necessary according chapter nine.

  • Faulty starter lockout circuit. Check the wiring and the switch itself according to procedures in chapter nine